Monthly Archives: December 2007

Let is Snow!

We are gearing up for a snow-filled end of the week and into the weekend. We already have about 6″ on the ground now. The more the merrier! Soon Lake Winnipesaukee will be frozen over and the winter activities will be in full swing – skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, sled dog derbies, snow-shoeing, etc. The skiing is already great! We’re definitely going to have a White Christmas! We’ve got a cozy cottage waiting for you…

Presidential Campaigning in NH

Me & Mitt cropped_WEBWell, all the presidential hopefuls make their way to New Hampshire at one time or another. Mitt Romney was in Weirs Beach a few days ago and we had a chat. Mr. Romney has a summer home here on Lake Winnipesaukee. It’s his favorite place to vacation. If he wins the election, that will certainly put us on the map!

All the candidates will be making the rounds between now and January 8th. We’ll try to get out and meet as many as possible as New Hampshire holds its first in the nation presidential primary!

Me and Mitt