Boating in NH

Boating in all its forms is one of the most popular activities enjoyed here on Lake Winnipesaukee.  I should know, I’ve been boating on this lake for more than 45 years and I’ve yet to tire of it.  Many of our visitors here at The Cozy Inn-Lakeview House and Cottages look at our beautiful lake and want to get out there and join the fun.  If this sounds like you there’s something you should know.

All people operating powerboats in excess of 25 horsepower on NH public waters are required to have taken and passed a boating safety course.  This includes all those who wish to rent a powerboat during their vacation.  Though the law does not include those operating unpowered craft or boats of less than 25 horsepower it makes good sense for all and is highly recommended.

No matter how long you have been a boater there will be something to learn for everyone taking the course.  A significant portion of the course concentrates on our somewhat unique navigational system on our lakes.  As Lake Winnipesaukee is located in the “Granite State” danger lurks below – an impact with a rock can not only severely damage your boat but possibly cause serious injury as well.

If boating is in your plans be sure to obtain a certificate – if you have one from your state be sure to check that it is valid also in NH.  This is the first year that all powerboaters are to be certified so it would follow that strict enforcement will ruin the day for uncertified boaters.

Go to and click on Division of Safety Services for complete information.

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