Cottage and cabin vacationing

I  have noticed that there been a lot of blogs and articles written about cottage/cabin vacationing. Again, evoking memories back to simpler times when families rented a cabin by the lake for the summer. If you experienced that in your childhood…you can still do that. Weirs Beach is a great place to vacation with your family – to relax and unwind and to have fun. There’s so much to do here that you may no get it all in during one visit. So plan on a first visit, then plan on returning… Renting a cottage is an economical choice for vacationing – it’s your “home away from home” with all the conveniences. Cooking, grilling, tv, dvd, relaxing by the pools, sunning at the beach, swimming in the lake, renting a boat or bringing your own… Why not experience your childhood again…and introduce cottage vacationing to your children!

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