It’s January – can Spring be far behind??

Hi – well, we are almost through the first month of the New Year… we’ve not had much snow so far and the lake isn’t frozen.  Currently the Mid-Atlantic states are getting pounded by a blizzard. We’re not. Just this morning there is the first sign of some lake hardening in Weirs Bay. The Pond Hockey Tournament has changed its location from Meredith Bay to Lake Waukewan where the ice is thicker. What a difference a year makes when at this time last year we were buried in snow!

When snow storms come, that’s when we get an influx of inquiries and reservations for the summer. Snow is outside the window = summer vacation! We’re all for that kind of thinking!  We have already sat around the kitchen table and made our list of upgrades for this year. It’s kind of our “annual” event – like a rite of passage into Spring. We figure out when we can start and that just makes it seem like Spring is almost here. Well, if you look at the calendar, Spring is only two months away!!

In the interim of when we can get started, we are going to look forward to hearing from you – make your summer vacation plans, book your Laconia Motorcycle week cottage, get an update on your Ironman training, and/or meet some new folks that will be joining us for the first time!  We’ll enjoy some Pond Hockey, check out the Ice Fishing Derby and of course watch the Superbowl! Think Spring!!

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